About Us

Kelly Gibson Foundation, formerly known as Feed the Relief, was founded by Kelly and Elizabeth Gibson in September of 2005 with the idea of providing necessary support for the front line first responders to Hurricane Katrina. In the days and weeks following the disaster of the storm, Feed the Relief provided support to the Coast Guard, EMS personnel, police and fire departments, community centers, hospitals, and residents as they returned to their homes. In addition to responding to Katrina, Feed the Relief has also supported initiatives benefiting military personnel as they return home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have broadened our focus to include children's programs with an emphasis on enrichment through athletics. Through our efforts, we have seen many lives in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast community change for the better.


Board of Directors

Kelly Gibson

Jimmy Hingle

Steve Sawyer
Vice President

Elizabeth Gibson

Patrick Cawthorne

Jim Grady

Patrick McMath

Ken Friend

John Hampford

Chris Patrizi

Giles Kibbe

Michael Loup

Stacey Serro

Advisory Committee

Rhonda Bagby
Bryan Blaum

Patrick Christovich

Dr. Keith Gibson

Mike Hoss
James Leitz

Ed Malone

Ashley Rayborn

Kristin Shannon

Ian Tigchelaar

Scott Ballard

Thomas Brennan II
Luke Farabaugh

Troy Harris
Rick Kuebel

Duane Lorio

Pete Matthews

Charlotte Lee Reiss

Randy Schmidt

Desi Vega

Chris Warner

Toni Becnel

Brian Cafferty

TC Ford
Julie Hingle

Steve Lazar

Randy Mason

Rob Noel

Sgt. Sienna Schehr

Ross Steele

Leo Verde