CCC Step By Step Instructions

1. Click on the link provided: 


2. Click on the red “FUNDRAISE” button above to set up your profile, click the red “SELECT” 


3. Create “YOUR FIRSTGIVING ACCOUNT” then click the red “NEXT” button


4. Under the “JOIN A TEAM” tab you have three options:

    • “I want to join an existing team” (means you want to join a sub-team under Team KGF)

    • “I want to create my own team” (means you want to create a new sub-team that is not listed)

    • “I do not want to join a team” (means you want to participate as an individual runner for TeamKGF)

 Choose your option, then select the red “NEXT”


5. Complete the “REGISTRANT 1” section, agree to the $200 fundraising minimum, then click red “NEXT” button


6. Customize your “PERSONAL FUNDRAISING PAGE” (ex. profile picture, page title, add goal), then click the red "NEXT" button


7. On your “CONFIRMATION” page agree to the fundraising minimum and add your credit card information (your card will not be charged unless you do not raise your $200 minimum by race day, March 26, 2016). Then click the red “SELECT” button


8. Share the link with your family and friends & ask them to donate to this AWESOME cause!