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Kelly Gibson Foundation Scholarship Application

2022 Scholarship Program


The Kelly Gibson Foundation, in association with the Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour, announces the 2022 Kelly Gibson Foundation Scholarship Program.  Under the program, scholarships will be awarded to high school juniors through 5th year students in college as of fall 2022 who participate on the Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour as well as the Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust Mentorship Program. Applicants cannot be older than 22 years of age. 


Program Guidelines & Priorities:  

* Applicants must show a record of volunteerism in the community and participation in extracurricular school activities.

* Applicants must compete in a minimum of 3 out of 5 KGJGT Monday tournaments and serve as a mentor in a minimum of 2 out of 5 KGJGT Thursday tournaments. (Exceptions can be made for applicants competing in other sanctioned golf tournaments scheduled on the same date i.e. State Amateur, AJGA, LGA etc. A member of the KGF staff must be notified)

* Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 on 4.0 scale, and plan to attend a 2 or 4-year college or technical school.

* Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the educational institution that the recipient attends/will attend. It will be the student’s responsibility to submit their student ID number and college information to the Kelly Gibson Foundation or the presenting community partner. Scholarships will expire August 2, 2027 – 5 years after the date they were initially presented.

* Applications must be received by 11:59pm on TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Submit a completed application through the online form below before the deadline. Upload the required headshot, essay, resume/activity sheet, and grade report/transcript attachments.


Scholarships are awarded based upon community service, academics and financial need; not golfing ability.


Scholarship applications will be reviewed and awarded by a committee consisting of the Kelly Gibson Foundation staff, board members, and charitable scholarship partners. Each recipient must attend the Annual Scholarship Banquet on August 2, 2022, to receive their scholarship.


Statement of Accuracy for Students:

I hereby affirm that all the above stated information provided by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also consent that if chosen as a scholarship winner my picture may be taken and used to promote the Foundation’s scholarship program. (Winner may waive photo due to unusual or compelling circumstances.)


I hereby understand that if chosen as a scholarship winner, according to the Kelly Gibson Foundation Scholarship policy, I must be present at the Annual Scholarship Banquet to receive my scholarship award.  


I hereby understand that if chosen as a scholarship winner, according to the Kelly Gibson Foundation policy, it is my responsibility to remit to the Foundation the appropriate information for my scholarship to be paid directly to my educational institution.

I hereby understand I will not submit this application without all required attachments and supporting information. 


Please type your answers to the following three essay questions in a one-page document with your name at the top. Upload the document into the form below.

1. If you created a non-profit organization, what would its mission be and who would it benefit?   

2. If you could go back to a time and place in the past, when and where would you go and why?

3. How would you describe yourself for those who haven’t met you?


Resume/Activity Sheet:

Upload your resume or activity sheet into the form below. Please include:

Academic honors or awards you have received

Extracurricular activities

School related volunteer activities and leadership roles

Non-school sponsored volunteer activities in the community



Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet eligibility criteria will not be considered for this scholarship.


The scholarship committee reserves the right to review and amend the scholarship criteria.  

Questions? Contact Celest Wilson at or Taylor Capouch at (504) 400-8013.


The deadline for this application to be received by the Kelly Gibson Foundation scholarship committee is: 11:59 PM ON TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022.


Digital application form will load here:
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