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Upcoming Junior Golf Tournaments:
  • Summer 2024: Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour

  • Fall 2024: Allstate Sugar Bowl Fall Series

  • December 2024: Allstate Sugar Bowl Tommy Moore Memorial

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Created in 2009 by PGA Tour Professional Kelly Gibson, the junior golf tour is open to both male and female golfers ages 7-22. 12 junior tournaments are held each summer in June and July including the Tour Championship and the BC Cup Championship. Members of the KGJGT (Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour) compete in these tournaments throughout New Orleans, LA and the Gulf Coast Region. For those interested in 2-day tournaments, register for the Allstate Sugar Bowl Fall Series events.

KGJGT Eligible Age Divisions: 

Girls 7-13            Boys 7-10

Girls 14-17          Boys 11-13

Girls 18-22          Boys 14-15

                             Boys 16-17

                             Boys 18-22

Our mission is to create a positive learning experience for all age divisions through competitive golf and the Oscar J Tolmas Charitable Trust Mentorship Program.  

Life changing…

I wouldn’t be the person I am now without KGF!

— Wondell Smith, Jr.

“KGF impacts many young people in the local community through their year-round golf events and scholarship fund. My siblings and I enjoyed competing in their events every year when we were juniors. Keep it up.”

— Angelica Harris

"The BEST junior golf opportunities and tour…[my son] is already looking forward to KG Thursdays this summer!!"

— Emily Bernard

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Tournament Leaderboard

Boys 16-17 Division

Girls 14-17 Division

Boys 18-22 Division

Girls 18-22 Division

KGF BlueGolf Banner Updated.png

Tournament Leaderboard

Girls 7-13 Division

Boys 7-10 Division

Boys 11-13 Division

Boys 14-15 Division

Frequently Asked Questions


Membership Registration

Membership Registration for the 2024 Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour is now open! Use the "MEMBERSHIP" botton at the top of this page to sign up now.


Tee Times & Yardages

Range between 8:00am - 10:00am for all tournaments. For Monday tournaments (Boys ages 16-22 & Girls ages 14-22), tee times will be sent out to participants on the prior Friday in the early afternoon. For Thursday tournaments (Boys ages 7-15 & Girls ages 7-13), tee times will be sent out to participants the day before the tournament on Wednesday in the early afternoon.


The following age divisions will play on Mondays:            The following age divisions will play on Thursdays:

   Boys 18-22       6,600 yards                                                    Boys 14-15    5,800 yards 

   Boys 16-17       6,100 yards                                                    Boys 11-13    5,300 yards   

   Girls 18-22       5,800 yards                                                     Boys 7-10     1,800 yards (9 holes w/ Mentor)


   Girls 14-17       5,400 yards                                                     Girls 7-13     1,800 yards (9 holes w/ Mentor)



Tournament Registration Deadlines

For Monday tournaments, registration deadlines will always be the Thursday before at 11:59pm. For Thursday tournaments, registration deadlines will always be the Tuesday before at 11:59pm. 

Raising Cane's Player of the Year & Invitational Tournaments 

Each participant in a Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour event is awarded points based on their performance. These points are accumulated throughout the summer and are used to award the Raising Cane's Player of the Year in each age division as well as help determine who is eligible to be invited to the Tour Championship and BC Cup Championship. All age divisions compete in these events.

Non-Motorized Carts & Distance Measuring Devices

Players are NOT allowed to use motorized carts or motorized push carts during their round. Caddies are not allowed. Players ARE allowed to use measuring devices provided they do not measure other conditions such as slope, wind speed or temperature. 


Spectator Guidelines

Parents and all spectators are encouraged to review Spectator Guidelines. Some important highlights of these guidelines are:

  • Caddies are NOT allowed

  • Spectators may assist in searching for participants' lost golf balls

  • Spectators must keep carts on the path at all times

  • Positive reinforcement is encouraged, but any golf advice may NOT be given to participants

Cart Rentals

All cart rentals are available to spectators only. Pricing and availability are at the discretion of the host facility. Carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Food & Beverage

Ice-cold water bottles courtesy of Champagne Beverage Co. & Powerade courtesy of Coca-Cola will be provided on the course to participants. Lunches are provided to participants after their round is complete.


Junior Golf Scoreboard

Some of our players are interested in taking their game to the next level. Our partnership with the Junior Golf Scoreboard will allow our players to get recognized nationally for their play while competing in KGJGT events. We will be combining Week's 1 & 2 scores, Week's 3 & 4 scores, and Week's 5 & Tour Championship scores, for a total of three 36-hole events to receive national ranking opportunities. All participants competing in 18-hole tournaments are eligible and there must be at least five (5) common participants competing in both events.

Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust Mentorship Program

Participants in our Boys 7-10 & Girls 7-13 age division will be accompanied by a mentor for their 9-hole round. The role of the mentor is to assist their mentee with course management, etiquette, basic rules and pace of play. Mentors are juniors in high school or older who are eligible for our Scholarship Program. If you are a junior in high school or older and want to be a mentor, please reference your emails!


Scholarship Program 

Since 2010, the Kelly Gibson Foundation, along with our community partners, have awarded $784,300 in scholarships to 341 deserving young students. Scholarships are awarded based upon community service, interactions as a mentor, application essay, academics and financial need; not golfing ability. Participants who are juniors in high school through 5th year students in college as of fall 2023 are able to apply. Anyone who is eligible for a scholarship must compete in at least 3 of 5 KGJGT Monday events and mentor in at least 2 of 5 KGJGT Thursday events. Scholarships will be awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet after the conclusion of the 2024 KGJGT.

Annual Scholarship Banquet

The recipients of the Charlie Knox Sportsmanship Award, Raising Cane's Player of the Year Award, and the Dr. John & Helen Moore Distinguished Service Award will be recognized at this event. Kelly Gibson Foundation Scholarship Program recipients will be presented with certificates and take individual and group photos.

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