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"My daughter had the opportunity to work with a handful of mentors.  These mentors have been incredible for her, and they are her favorite part of the Kelly Gibson Junior Tour. Thank you for running a first-class program."

- Parent of a female KGJGT member in Girls 7-13 Division

"This was our first time participating in the Kelly Gibson Tour. I absolutely love the mentors. I watched from afar as they had conversations, pointing to potential options, discussing clubs, etc. Watching all of the interactions between mentors and players during tournaments, it is evident that this is a wonderful program."

- Parent of a male KGJGT member in Boys 7-10 Division

[My son's] mentor, was truly a wonderful young man and really helped [him] relax as he was so nervous in the beginning.  We were very impressed with him.  [His mentor] knew that [he] was extremely nervous as this was his first competitive tournament and worked with him throughout the nine holes to improve his mental game by helping him relax.  It was so wonderful seeing them talk about golf and their favorite players and tournaments, and [the mentor's] encouragement and camaraderie with [my son] was so beneficial.  It was like having an older brother on the course with him and as an only child, he really soaked it all in and really appreciated it. [All the mentors] look like great young men and women who are really passionate about golf. 

- Parent of a male KGJGT member in Boys 7-10 Division

Please submit any questions to Executive Director, Taylor Capouch.


Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust Mentorship Program

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