Kelly Gibson Foundation
Hurricane & Flood Relief Efforts

The destruction from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana has impacted many cities and thousands of people. Feed the Relief, now the Kelly Gibson Foundation, was formed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina with the mission to support those who were devastated by that disaster. Now, our goal is to do the same for those affected by natural disasters in our surrounding communities. 

In the recent floods in both Louisiana and Texas, first responders were on the front lines helping to evacuate those seeking shelter, medicine, food and water necessary to survive. While aiding others, many of these individuals experienced their own losses, and our assistance aided in their personal recovery.


Because of the support and generosity of our volunteers, sponsors, proud partners, and other members of our local community, our foundation provided help after flood waters devastated Southeast Louisiana in 2016. We raised over $20,000 and distributed $100 Walmart gift cards directly to first responders and law enforcement personnel that were affected in Ascension, Tangipahoa, Livingston and East Baton Rouge parishes.

After Hurricane Harvey, the Kelly Gibson Foundation, along with our community partners, was able to give over $100,000 in gift cards to families and first-responders in need and to aid in the post-flood recovery process in Texas. 



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Louisiana and Texas Flood Relief