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His name is Richard Witherell aka caddy name Arkansas he gets his own book of stories but here is one of the many ones that will be featured. We are playing in Memphis at the Fed Ex St Jude Classic early 2000's. Like half of my time on the tour we missed the cut by a shot. My chili was running hot after walking off the course. Went into the locker room to schedule flights out on Friday evening to NOLA but there was a tropical storm hitting New Orleans. It was a fast moving storm heading towards Mississippi, Bama, Tennessee so at Ark's suggestion I decide to rent a car and we would drive home thinking no big deal its only a 5-7 hour drive. We are leaving the course and another caddy reminds us that there is a Nike Employee store nearby that is letting PGA TOUR Players and caddies go in and buy shoes, apparel, and other items at 50-75% off retail. Well Ark says we gotta go to the store because Lil daddy needs some new shoes before we leave town, which is code for "Pro I need you to buy me some stuff and also get yourself something while we are there". Off we go, we walk in and its packed. I am like this is not going to be good, start looking around and quickly begin to realize why people have shopping addictions. In 45 minutes I spent $1,000 on tennis shoes, bags and workout clothes that are still folded in my closet 18 years later. It was crazy! He is smiling because he has about four new pairs of Air Jordans. I am pissed because I missed the cut and spent $1,000 on shit I did not need. As we barely fit the last box of shoes into the trunk on top of all our clubs and luggage, Ark says make sure you don't get a flat on the way home. I immediately look at him and say "did you just say that"? He starts yelling at me that I need to change the way I am thinking that "there is no such thing as jinx bombs or karma". We leave the parking lot and stop by Wendy's restaurant. I must have been suffering a heat related illness because I tell Ark to go order some food and I gave him my credit card. I walked to the restroom then went back to the car assuming he could get the order right. My order was one chicken sandwich, fries and a drink, Ark walks out with two large bags of food that included four sandwiches two large fries two large drinks and two frosties. I am like what the hell dude, he says, " it is going to be a tough ride and you are driving, wanted to make sure you stay awake" (jinx bomb #2). Off we go, food was destroyed in the first hour. We are 3plus hours in and I need a break. The weather was about to get bad so I ask Ark can you drive for 30-40 minutes while I take a nap, it was getting dark. We are 40 minutes North of Jackson Ms about 8:15 at night when I hear the dreaded scream of "oh shit what is that?" Well "that" was a 2x4 piece of lumber in the middle of I-55 that my dear caddy Arkansas just smashed into our back tires. He immediately pulls over on the highway shoulder and says "I am to old for this shit you have to drive". Off we go for maybe one mile when the right rear tire blows out. I start screaming, it was like a scene in a horror movie. I pull over and immediately realize all the crap we had in the trunk is going to complicate this disaster even more than normal. I could not breathe I was so hot, he was now actually reverse jinxing me because I made a big deal out of him saying we were going to get a flat. I said that there "ain't no we in you, start pumping that jack". It was brutal we unpack everything and I am thinking if the cops show up they are going to think that we robbed a Nike store. Well Ark could not lift the tire or the jack or set it on the ground but he sure knew how to change a flat. I could not get the jack to stay set on the ground to get the wheel off the car. We almost had a full blown open air cage fight in the middle of I-55. I told him to call 911 on his phone and to move on down the road. I finally get the tire off and the spare was one of those small one hour limit tires. BTW it started to pour down rain(imagine that)as soon as I got the jack to stay still. I am there in the middle of North Mississippi in pure darkness soaking wet with twenty plus boxes of brand new crap from a Nike store that was soaking wet, clubs wet and Ark is standing 30 yards away under an umbrella pretending like he is on the phone with AAA or 911. It must have rained two inches in 20 minutes my hands were bleeding and the two chicken sandwiches were trying to break loose. I look up and say lets go, help me get this wet stuff back into the trunk. We get to the last box and he says (true story) "this is weird we actually have more room for all these soaking wet boxes, nice job with the tire". I almost ripped off his head. I start driving and asked him who he was calling? He starts laughing and says not 911 he did not want the police showing up! LOL. He called a few friends and they were no help he said because they would not stop laughing. I had to stop at the car rental place at Jackson airport because of the one hour limit spare piece of junk and we made it to the parking lot as the lady was closing the car rental place. She was very nice and upgraded our next car so I gave her a pair of Air Arkansas. (Side note he never realized I gave her a pair of his shoes) We arrived into Nola at 2:30am 9:30 hours after we left the course. Moral of the story "don't miss the cut" #jinxbombsarereal #lovearkansas #karma

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